X marks the spot – TABIA launches Map program with Big Bark Graphics

September 20th, 2011

5 Years straight E map out of London England has chosen Big Bark Graphics to run their Daily Screen Film Publications

September 20th, 2011

“That’s easy…they have 100% trust in us to get the job done right, on time and within budget.”

For the Fifth straight year Emap out of London England has awarded Big Bark Graphics the screen dailies for The Toronto Film Fest, the world’s most prestigious film festival.

David Cummings from Emap says “Scott we want you to do it again this year….you make it so easy and we have full faith in your abilities.”

It is very exciting to be selected from all the printers in Toronto to handle this exclusive publication that is well known internationally.  This project requires focused personal attention throughout the entire process.  You can’t allow stress to be a factor when final art is supplied at 9:30 at night allowing only 7.5 hours to rip, proof, plate, press proof, print, fold, stitch, trim and box and have delivery ready for 5:00 am.

David Cummings flew in from London to manage the project from their side.  David says…” All the major hotels must have this in their lobby by 7:00am” or they won’t be any good.

Big Bark Graphics came through again not only delivering a quality job every day for 5 days but also managed to keep within budgets.

“Thanks so much for the work you guys have done this year, the print looked great, and it’s been our most successful festival in years so everyone is really happy. “ says David Cummings, Production Manager e map International.

We want to thank EMAP for choosing Big Bark Graphics as their official Toronto Film Fest printer.

We look forward to next years TIFF

Scott Barker

Size Matters – Big Bark Purchases New 54” Banner (and More) Printer

September 20th, 2011

Big Bark Graphics has just purchased the newest wide format VersCAMM printer that is available in the industry.

Our customers  are doing more banners, retractable banners, laminated posters and vehicle graphics than ever before says Scott barker, Leader of the pack at Big Bark Graphics. This new piece of equipment will give us the control we need to meet our customers fast growing expectations and quality that they want and at last minute notice!

This new wide printer can print up to 54” wide for as long as you want.  It can print on over 15 different  materials from vinyl, canvas, paper, clear and much more.

The  integrated print/cut workflow allows us to cut any shape as we are printing for those special die cut labels or graphics all in one pass.

Full production on this new Roland s540 will begin September 30th and we expect it to be running full speed.

Here is just a sample of what can we do……

Retractable Banners
Laminated Products
Special Die Cuts
Window Graphics
Cling Vinyl
Vehicle Graphics
Large Proofs
Reflective Graphics
Fabric Materials ~ including Canvas
Backlit Graphics

Call Big Bark Today for your next large format print order.

Group Runs Not Only Save You Money, but You May Also Get a Better Product

September 20th, 2011

Most of our clients take advantage of Group runs (when you offer a similar product to many agencies to bring down the overall costs).  These have been usually reserved for large companies, consortia’s, and Franchises; we can now offer group runs to anyone.

Group runs can save you money by increasing the total quantity and therefore reducing the costs typically by at least 50%.

However as technology improves, the biggest difference now is that by ordering on a group run you will usually also geta higher quality product.

MYTH: You can’t customize on Group Run Products.

TRUTH: You have the flexibility to do your own design and logo instead of using the groups design.  Plus on Ticket Jackets, you also have the choice of picking one of our 4 beautiful designs.

Example:  say you use a 1 or 2 pocket ticket jacket.  You print 2 colors on a 100lb offset stock. The cost for 1000 would be around $550.00.  With the Big Bark Graphics ticket jacket run you can get a full colour (4 colour process) on a quality FSC (environmentally friendly) card 8 point stock for $310.00 or a 2 pocket for $380.  Great savings and a higher quality product.  If you were to print a 4 colour process ticket jacket (same as ours) the costs would be around $1,100.00 for 1000.

This also works for our continuous invoices, by grouping orders, we save you money.

PLUS:  At Big bark Graphics all our invoices have a consumer disclosure notice that was written by a travel lawyer that will help protect your agency and as well is provincially compliant (i.e.TICO). This is printed on the first 2 parts so both your client and you have them.

DON’T BE CAUGHT OUT! 10% of our clients typically miss the group run because they thought they had enough stock to make it to the next run.  Always check your stock!

Agency Group Runs, can’t be rushed, as it is grouped with many others.  That is why we are offering 3 group runs per year.  Simply check your supply and order accordingly.

Also keep in mind that with these savings you can top up at a great rate. If you don’t think you will make it to the next run you should order now as you are getting the great rates anyway.

Big Bark Group Runs for 2011/12.

Ticket Jackets 1 or 2 pocket full colour –   September,January and August

Invoices – February and September

Gift Certificates – March and September

Holiday Cards – October

For more information on our group runs or for samples please call 866-607-1556 or email to sales@bigbarkgraphics.com

What Do You Have in Your Wallet?

September 20th, 2011

8 Things to consider with your business card.

Business cards have a huge impact and convey an instant impression to potential clients. There is nothing worse than having to pull out that emergency business card from inside your wallet with a torn corner and give it to a new potential client.

For most people, business cards are a low marketing priority.  I look at the collection that I pick up at events with crossed out company names, titles and phone numbers to those with 2007 calendars on the back, printed on a home printer with the perforated edges and some that look like they have been through the wash.

Why do we do this when the cost of professionally printed business cards is dirt cheap?

Yes, I understand that it is important to be environmentally conscious, but when the business card is your first impression and the item that we flip to when we get back to the office to remember who you are – The business card is the one item that needs to look like a new $100 bill, crisp, clean and eye catching!

So when it comes to ordering new business cards, take the time it deserves and consider the following.

1) Watch the size of your type! If your market is over 40 watch the mice type!  Keep the font simple, large and easy to read.

2) Be Colour Co-ordinated! Do the colours match the rest of your collateral and website.

3) A picture says a thousand words, so put your photo on the card.  Make sure people identify you with the business – Real Estate gets this.  If you are already doing this, give your photo a review – Does it look like you? If you have been using the same image for the last 10 years it might be time to update your image.   Keep it professional and avoid the glamour shot look! The real estate business

4) What numbers have you included? Beyond your main line – do you have a number that conveys you are available in case of emergencies 24/7?  Do you have a back-up contact listed?

5) Watch your back!

  • Calendars are nice but, if you are professional you have limited how long those cards can be in circulation.
  • Supplier Logo’s can reduce your cost, but can confuse who the consumer and help promote direct supplier sales.

6) So, what should you put on the back? Here are some ideas:

  • Tips on why you should use a Travel agent
  • Your top 5 packing tips
  • Your next 3 escorted cruise/travel dates
  • A quick quote card
  • CTC, TICO, ACTA etc.  Affiliations are great, but you can use the back of the card to explain why using a TICO registered agency or what a CTC designation means!
  • If you are Bi-lingual – double side your card with both languages!
  • A QR Code linked to your agency information
  • Tell your clients that you would love their referral
  • Quick Testimonials from two of your top clients
  • Be Seasonal – Run smaller quantities and target market to promote products when in season.

7) Wholly catch phrase Batman! Do you have a Slogan on your card that conveys your sales message to your clients?

Lastly as always, don’t forget Social Media.  If you play in the social media arena, make sure you cross promote your business and list your blog, Facebook page, and twitter account on your business card.

By Stuart Morcombe, originally printed on August 25, 2011

Stuart Morcombe brings his problem solving skills to the table in his blog that appears weekly on www.travelinfo.ca. Stuart has spent the last 15 years in the retail travel consortium and franchise business developing supplier contracts, technology and marketing programmes. He is a self-proclaimed travel industry brat who grew up stamping brochures in his parent’s travel agency in Aurora, Ontario. Stuart now runs Status Quo inc. a problem solving and social media company for the Travel Industry.