Six things to ask your printer before ordering your next brochure!

August 26th, 2013

Great Brochures showcase your product and are an extension of your sales team; for most Travel Agents your brochure represents your company’s bible.

However, brochures are one of the most expensive items for a supplier to produce.   They take an incredible amount of internal (and external) resources (and time) to create, they are expensive to produce and can be a hassle to distribute and monitor throughout the year.

So, every year it is vital to review your brochure management, costs and the company that prints it.   During your creative process, you should be talking with your printer as part of your team to help you develop the best product to suit your needs (and those of Travel Agents & Consumers).  Here are six things that are important to discuss:

  1. Size, Bleeds, Page count and Quantity:  There are ways to save with all these components. Minor adjustments to any of these could reduce your costs to print and distribute.
  2. Quality of Stock:  Is this the same quality of paper that we used last year.  A trick of the trade, this is a way that some printers can undercut a current supplier by providing a cheaper product.  Is the paper FSC?  In this environment of eco-responsibility it is important to show that you care about your footprint.
  3. Ease of Access:  This one surprises us sometimes that some printer charge extra for this; your printer should supply free secure private access for sharing content between you and their creative team.
  4. On-time Service performance:  What is the suppliers guarantee for brochure delivery?  There is no second chance when you miss a launch.
  5. Storage:  At Big Bark, if we print it; we store it for free.  We all know storage space is expensive, but we recognize that our client’s ability to store material has changed.
  6. Distribution:  Can & will your printer distribute your content?  The ability to send the creative to us and then relax as we handle printing, packing and distribution is one of the biggest reasons why we handle many Canadian & International tour operators.

There is always someone that can print it cheaper, but if you ask the right questions not only will you get a great price you will have a brochure that you will be proud of.