Seeing 20/20

May 31st, 2011

At first glance you might think that a Travel Company and a Printer would run very differently.

However, Vision 2000 Travel Group and Big Bark are more similar than you might think.  Despite the size and scope of Vision 2000 Travel Group, they pride themselves in personal relationships.

After all, small agencies were the foundation for Vision 2000 Travel Group and those “one to one relationships” still play a big role within the corporation. Even today an advisor can call up the Vice President and have a conversation regarding just about anything.

This philosophy applies to their consumer relationships and is a key feature in supplier partners.  Enter Big Bark Graphics.

Big Bark Graphics has built its success on relationships and paying attention to the little details that are important to its clients.  Anybody can print a sales folder or 500 envelopes;  Big Bark will take the time to ask what they are specifically being used for and then work with you to create the perfect solution.

Come to think of it, that’s exactly how Vision 2000 Travel Advisors approach building vacations with their clients. Anyone can sell Travel; to create the perfect Travel Experience a Travel Advisor must ask why?

Recently, Vision 2000 started a new division for home based agents call Vision 2000 travel@home (  With over 50 advisors already on board, Vision 2000 needed a solution to provide personalized marketing materials to each of them.

Stephen Smith, Director of Marketing & Communications at Vision 2000 and Scott Barker, President of Big Bark sat down and determined exactly what to offer them and how to make it accessible.

The result was an integrated system managed by both Vision 2000 and Big Bark.  A custom online store that allows flexible ordering hours 24/7 for Vision 2000’s home based agents and an automated management system that keeps Vision 2000 and Big Bark instantly aware of orders as they happen.

It’s a perfect fit.  Just like Big Bark and Vision 2000.